Convivium - spacer for restaurants, hotels and lounges

Convivium - spacer for restaurants, hotels and lounges

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“Convivium” tackles the problem of spacing, protection, sheltering clothes, conservation of masks in a multifunctional way.

“Convivium” is made up of a crystal plate, decorated according to range variants, supported by a light structure resting on wheels. The finishes of the shoulders can be lacquered, or take on metallic tones (champagne or titanium).

“Convivium” can accommodate a battery-powered light source whose soft light caresses the surface of the glass; when used outdoors it becomes a discreet lamp that illuminates the path between the tables.

“Convivium” is easily hospitalized as it is stackable.

Technical data :

Overall dimensions: 106 x 155H x 35 cm

Glass dimensions : cm 100x150H, thickness 8 mm.

Accessories : wheels, feet, shelves, flower tube, wardrobe tube with bag / mask hook.